Message of 2012 for reflection

The Light of Life

Message of the Holy Spirit of 29 February 2012

‪”I greet and bless you. ‪I wish to pursue with you the discourse on human life which is of great importance to each of you.[1]

I explained to you that your life has its origin from the big vibration of life, impressed in you by God at the moment in which He creates you. In this vibration the divine creative power of the Most Holy Trinity is contained. It is the primary impulse that initiates the existence of every living being; as such, it contains within Itself the action of the Three Divine Persons. ‪From this instant, the three great laws of the universe begin to operate in you: the law of LIGHT, of SOUND or VIBRATION and the law of HEAT. They are both natural and spiritual laws, supporting the whole of creation.[2]

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