The Visible and the Invisible Things

12 March 2011

Dear Readers,

This month’s message of Jesus addresses a very topical and discussed subject: that of life in the universe. Jesus places it in the broader context of reality as it is in God, beyond what our senses can perceive. I have dealt with this topic at length in my first book “Beyond the Great Barrier”, and therefore I will not dwell further on it. As I leave you to the message, I wish you to experience the path of Lent as a profound revision of life and great closeness to the Lord. I greet you and bless you in Christ.

Stefania Caterina

Message of Jesus of 12 March 2011

“I bless you, children, at the beginning of the Lenten path that will lead you to the encounter with Me after My death and resurrection. May this path be an ever more vibrant and true discovery of the deep dimension of your spirit and of God’slife in you. The events of the Holy Week should not just be a memory to berelived, but a stage on the path towards your transformation. This involves the death of the old man that is still in you and the resurgence of a new creature, whose seed is present in each one of youand must blossom. United with Me, through a path of conversion and prayer, you will become new creatures and be inundated by the dazzling light of Easter.

Today I want to introduce you to a greater understanding of the reality that surrounds you. Up to now, we have mainly dwelt with the reality that is within you, but what is around you is equally important because it is the dimension where your existence takes place.

There is a part of reality you can perceive with your physical and spiritual senses. You can see and touch it when it is, for example, a person, an animal or an object. You can perceive it inwardly if it is a feeling of love, a memory, something that is not palpable but just as real as something that is palpable. In both cases, we are talking about something visible. With visible, I mean something that does not escape your attention and your intelligence. The things that you observe every day and that pass in front of you are the visible things that each of you is confronted with.They are a source of joy or pain, of quietness or worries, according to your experiences and your choices of faith. From childhood on, you are taught to know and understand visible reality through the explanations of the adults, studies and your experiences until you are able to establish a personal and unique contact with your surroundings and to deal withthe real world around you.

Many of you are unable to be in in tune with the environment despite making great efforts in life. Their inner world does not find a connection with the outer world, which causes painful conflicts and withdrawal intothemselves.Others let themselves be drawn beyond measure from the visible reality andproject themselves into the outside world. Their inner world is thus suffocated by the outer world,causing them to escape dangerously from themselves and from life.

There is only one way to reach harmony between your inner reality and that outside of you: that of faith. Only when you are united with God, who is the source of life and the Creator of all things, can you discover the sense and the measure of all things, understand it and discern what is good and useful. The offering of your life to Me, through the Immaculate Heart of My Mother, guides you to the comprehension of reality as it is in God, and not only as it appears to your eyes. The gaze of faith is wide and limpid because it isnurtured by God’s thoughts that He transmits to you through the Holy Spirit.1

Nevertheless, the gaze of faith also goes beyond what is visible and perceptible to your senses. I am speaking of the reality that is invisible to your eyes but no less concrete and important. I would like to dwell on this with you. Few of you reflect on this reality, many are afraid of it, even among the Christians, to the point that invisible things are belittled and sometimes even considered as superstitions, inherited from the past. The rationality that holds the man of the Earth in its grip, including the Christians, is like a wall that separates you from the invisible world. Nevertheless, it exists and touches you much more than you think.

The life of the entire universe expresses itself through two great realities: the spiritual and the material realities. They are clearly different from each other but still not separate. Spirit penetrates matter, which would not exist without it. Think of man: his body cannot live without the spirit, and death occurs when the spirit leaves the body. The same happens for a plant, an animal, a mineral, which have the breath of life in them, which ensures them a life cycle.All material things are touched and permeated by spirit. Matter cannot exist without spirit whereas spirit can exist without matter. Your spirit, for example, lives eternally even after death.

The universe is made of many dimensions in which spirit and matter are related to each other in different ways.  In the earthly dimension, in which you live, spirit and matter coexist although not always peacefully. Depending on your life choices, you may prioritise spirit or matter. Many of you are satisfied with the material aspect of life and let themselves be guided by the instincts of their body, which always lead to selfishness. Others choose to live united with Me and prefer spiritual life; thus, they enter into relationship with the Holy Spirit who guides them. In them, spirit prevails over flesh, and they reach a deeper knowledge of reality.

There are the otherworldly dimensions of Paradise and Purgatory, where the souls continue to live after detaching from the body. The dimension of the pure spirits, where the angels are, exists. In addition, the dimension of Hell exists. In these dimensions, which your senses cannot perceive, matter is absent. These dimensions are real even though they are invisible.

Beyond the earthly dimension and the otherworldly ones of pure spirit, there are other dimensions in the universe, in which human life is present, and it is made of spirit and matter. I am speaking about the presence of other human beings in the universe, which is an immense part of creation, and it is a concrete and indisputable reality.3 I want you to become aware of the fact that you are not alone in the universe!

God did not create only the man of the Earth, just as He did not create only the Earth. What makes you think that God created only you? Why do you limit the omnipotence of God and try to limit His Mind, adapting it to your levels? Know that the universe is immense and so is the creative power of God, which cannot be measured with human criteria. Many human beings live on other planets in physical and spiritual realities that are often quite different from those on Earth. However,they share the same dignity and the same destiny: they have been created in the image and likeness of God, they have been redeemed by Me and are children of God like you, destined to enter the glory of My Father at the end of times. Then, I will deliver the entire renewed and redeemed humanity to Him.

In the beginning of creation, humanity was one, destined to live in harmony with the Creator. People were asked to decide whether they wanted to be faithful or not, whether or not they wanted to work with Him for the good of the whole creation. Some remained faithful while others, such as your progenitors, rebelled against God, and still others remained uncertain and did not get to a clear decision.

The sin of rebellion, committed by a part of humanity, caused the division of the entire humanity of the universe and separated you from your brothers and sisters. From then on, the brothers and sisters who had remained faithful to Godlived in spiritually very elevated realities; thus, their knowledge ismuch higher than yours, which makes them far superior to you in the spiritual, scientific and technological fields. The undecided humanities are spiritually weaker, but they are not evil-minded, and their spirit is therefore stronger than yours. You know your reality very well; it resembles that of otherhumanities who are rebellious like you. However, the situation of the humanity of the Earth is worse because, unlike all the others, it made an alliance with Satan, and therefore he reigns in many hearts.

I came to Earth among the most fragile and rebellious of all humanities of the universe; here I incarnated,died and rose again once and for all, in favour of all men of the universe, wherever they are.  With My Sacrifice, I have restored the great fracture that original sin had caused between God and man and between the different humanities of the universe. I came among you but not only for you. I descended to Earth to make one people out of many peoples, one new humanity, destined for the new creation, no longer burdened by corruption and sin. God unites whereas Satan divides. Your progenitors, seduced by the enemy and allied with him, caused many divisions and lost the memory of what they once were, to the point that you no longer know about the existence of other brothers and sisters. You are closed in defence on your planet and think you are the only and the best, but that is not true. You do not realise that you are weak and unable to travel theuniverse, nor are you able to know its nature and extension.

I want to tell you today that you have other brothers and sisters who are children of My and your Father. Those who are faithful to God are very pure! They love you and pray for you; they follow you silently on your earthly path. Throughout history, they have often helped you, and even now, they help you without your being aware of it. They do it because it is God’s desire. He wants humanity to be united again in the faith in Him, in hope and love.

I already know your question: why have You not spoken about this before? Why is there no trace of it in the Gospel? I tell you that I have spoken about this reality to My Apostles.Why should I not do it? Is God not glorified by the work of His hands? Not only this; the announcement of salvation was, and still is, to be given to all peoples of the universe, not only to the people of the Earth. This, too, was part of the mandate of the Apostles, and that of each one of you. Many brothers and sisters are waiting for your testimony because it is in your humanity that the Saviour became man; your fathers have seen and heard My Work and My teaching. Do you wonder how you can do that? Leave it to God to show you how. He has all the means to enable you to carry out your mission. Instead, ask yourselves if you are truly ready to do it, or if you prefer not to believe in this reality because the Gospel does not speak about it, the scientists do not know, the priests doubt, or because you are afraid of being taken for visionaries, etc., etc.

At the time of the Apostles, humanity did not want to receive these revelations, not because it was not able to understand them, but because people did not want it. In the first Christian communities, this topic was the reason for many problems and deep rebellion. My Apostles became silent, and so did others after them until the memory of this topic was lost.Moreover, I Myself spoke in parables, and I could not speak openly about many things! Do you need an example? Think of the existence of America? Is it mentioned anywhere in the Gospel, or have the Apostles spoken about it? No, and yet that continent exists; there, too,other men were living, your brothers and sisters, who should once receive the announcement of the Gospel. You discovered it later. If I had spoken about it to the Apostles while I was on Earth, they would not have believed Me.

Despite that, God has not failed to give sings of the existence of other brothers in the universe over the centuries, and many witnesses among you have spoken about them. They have been mocked and persecuted, but they kept a glow of light alive, preventing this truth from being crushed forever under arock of lies and darkness. Even the powerful of the world had the chance to know this great reality in many ways in order to inform the peoples of the Earth. Yet, what happened? Your leaders, present and past, deceived you. They have never had any intention at all to reveal what they know about life in the universe. They are afraid of losing their power and privileges and of having to face other, much wiser leaders,the representatives of civilisations that are superior to yours.The corrupt men of the Earth are afraid of what they cannot dominate and conceal what they refuse to accept. In this way, they think they can prevent others from knowing and accepting what is not to their advantage. Your leaders deceive you and deprive you of the knowledge of a reality that belongs to you by right as children of God and inhabitants of the universe.

Today I announce to you that the time is near when the presence of the life of other men in the universewill be revealed by God, at the time and in the manner the Father decides.Yes, children, I assure you that the truth of God will be manifested to the entire humanity for what it is and not according to human interpretations and simulations. The visible and the invisible things will be illuminated, and they will show themselves without impediments. This will not happen indiscriminately, nor with striking signs as many superficial people expect. It will take place in the spirit of the people who believe in God the Father, who offer themselves to Him through the Son, in the Holy Spirit, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. These faithful children will be giventrue, profound, irrefutable knowledge of reality. They will help others to get to the same knowledge, and it will be transmitted from spirit to spirit. The powerful of the Earth will not be able to prevent it. A new people will arise on Earth, able to discern between truth and lie, who will not let itself be enchanted by misleading voices. Then, external signs will also be given to confirm what will already be alive in the souls of the righteous.

Therefore, I tell you that if you are totally donated to Me and ready to serve My work, you will know what takes place in the universe, what is visible and invisible.I will not allow the powerful and the arrogant to hide My work from the eyes of the little ones. Life in the universe is the work of God; all created men and womenare the work of God, whatever planet they may live on. No one can claim with impunity the right to conceal My work, nor to distort it or to deride it.Until now, precisely this has happened on Earth. In My goodness, I have let you free to act as you thought. I have sent you signs and prophets. To many of you, I have sent brothers of other planets, faithful to Me, who have spoken to you about many things. I have waited for your conversion, but in vain. Your humanity does not want to see, it pretends not to know, it is stubborn and rebellious.

Now, time is running out. Despite the corruption of many, there are men and women on Earth who love God, who offer themselves to Him and remain faithful despite many trials. Unfortunately, they are not many, but from that small remnant, the work of God will powerfully start again, and the announcement of salvation will be brought to the whole universe. Every child of God, on every planet, will have the chance to know Me, to love Me and to follow Me. The whole of humanity will have to meet Me face to face, sooner or later. If you are ready to be part of My small remnant, offering your life to Me with sincerity and love, the brothers and sisters of the universe, faithful to God, will come to you and you will meet them. It will not be an encounter between strangers, who look at each other with suspicion, but the reunification of brothers and sisters, who have long been separated. It will be an embrace full of love. They will help you elevate yourselves more and more to God, and they will do the same with other brothers and sisters of other planets who need help. Slowly, all My children scattered in the universe will be gathered. They will be renewed in spirit and mind, through the communion among them in My Spirit. It will be a new people, the true people of God.

It will not be long before all of this happens. My action will be increasingly rapid and urgent, becausethere are many men in the universewhogreatly need salvation, and their cry is rising to Me. Therefore, I will intervene with power in the history of humanity, making use of honest andrighteous people without ambitions. You are not asked to know when and how God’s plans will unfold, nor to accomplish great works. You are asked to make yourselves fully available, offering your life to Me, so that I may act in you until transforming you. Thus, your life will be an instrument of life and salvation, and it will touch the visible and the invisible things with love. Your renewed life will be your strength and your joy; it will be a living stone in God’s building.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

1 I have deepened the topic of God’s thoughts in my book, “Riscrivere la Storia – Vol. I Nelpensiero di Dio”, (Rewriting History-Vol. I-In the Mind of God), Luci dell’Esodo, 2010

2I have spoken about the breath of life in creation and of man, who is made of spirit, soul and body, in my book “Beyond the Great Barrier”, Luci dell’Esodo, 2008, Chaps. 5 and 13, available on:

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