In the Footsteps of Saint John the Apostle

Message of the Blessed Virgin Mary of 22 February 2021

“Dearest Children,

I want to bless you and thank you for having accepted Me in My work as Co-Redemptrix. Belonging to Me means being co-redeemers with Me. If I were not the Co-Redemptrix, even you could not fully enter the Redemption of My Son and be co-redeemers. When Jesus entrusted Me to John and John to Me, an unbreakable bond was created between humanity and Me because, at that moment, John represented the entire humanity.

In the first Church, John and I testified to and especially experienced My Son’s work of Redemption because both of us had been at the foot of the Cross, where Jesus had entrusted us to one another. He could have done it on another occasion, such as a feast day, but He did it at the foot of the Cross. He did it not only because Jesus was going to leave and I was to remain without Him, but also to emphasize that, at that time, we both participated in His Passion; I participated fully and John in a more limited way, but both of us were willing to take part in His suffering. John suffered deeply at the foot of the Cross because He sincerely loved Jesus, not just because He was afraid of remaining without his Master.

You, too, will walk in the footsteps of John if you accept to be at the foot of Jesus’ Cross with Me. You were in John when he welcomed Me in the name of humanity, and you welcome Me even now. Therefore, you are continuing his apostolical work because John spoke about Me to the first Church.
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