I Entrust to You All the Good that is Done On Earth

(taken from “Towards the New Creation – vol. 7, Messages 2020”, p. 57; Luci dell’Esodo)

Message of Jesus of 12 April 2020, Holy Easter of the Resurrection

“Dearest Children, My People,

Rejoice for My victory over death and the underworld! I triumphed on the Cross and you praise Me as the immolated Lamb. I tell you that you, too, are an immolated people. However, I do not mean something terrible or bloody. I am speaking about immolation as the offering that elevates, redeems and saves humanity: immolation as sanctification and consecration. You are an immolated people for the salvation of humanity.

Children, you see the state of the humanity of the Earth: it is a wounded humanity, but its wounds are not glorious; on the contrary, they are filled with bitterness, loneliness and discouragement. Yet, I have given My life for this humanity and for the entire humanity of the Universe to heal your wounds. Nevertheless, humanity continues to reject Me, and I can do nothing for those who reject Me because I respect your freedom.

You have been told that this is the time of the great and ultimate battle and that Earth is the planet on which this battle will be fought. Here, Satan has his stronghold. Now he must be driven out of his hiding place and be cast to hell forever. I will fight this battle and you will fight it with Me. Remember that at the end of times, Lucifer will have to face Me; once again, he will have to stand face to face with Me, as he stood in the days of My Passion. It will be My final triumph and that of all My people. Continue reading…