Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – The extraordinary instruments are not accessories

13 February, 2015

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

Today we will deal with a particular subject of this book: “The extraordinary instruments are not accessories”. On page 262 the Trinitarian Spirit explained that the Church speaks about “’private revelations ‘, which the faithful are not obliged to comply with, as if God revealed these things as a pastime or to do somebody a favour. God does nothing in private; He has given Himself totally to you. When God speaks, He speaks to all of you, to the entire humanity. It is true that through Jesus Christ everything has been revealed, but not everything has been understood. So, should God not intervene to help His people to better understand His teachings?” Let us listen carefully to what the Trinitarian Spirit says.

The extraordinary instruments are not accessories (page 326)

In the message of 10 September, 2010, St. Michael revealed the humanity of the Earth, according to God’s order, the existence of the Central Nucleus[1] and their work. He indicated also the necessary steps to join the plan of recapitulation in Christ. He announced the beginning of the action of God in order to purify the people: he explained that the true children of God would be definitely separated from all those who claim that they want to serve God but are selfish, ambitious, cunning, that is, they have not completely decided for God yet. 

St. Michael explained the nature and the tasks of the Central Nucleus and said that the men of Earth were the last of the universe to receive the announcement of the existence of the Central Nucleus because of the hardness of their heart. He spoke also of the nuclei. He stated that God had foreseen the presence of the nuclei, that is, of persons who are united to God to live together the universal communion, in other words, to be open for the different realities present and operating in the universe. These nuclei are cells designated to form a single people of God in the whole universe.

St. Michael declared at the end of his message that the plan of God to recapitulate all in Christ would carry on without any further delays. No-one would be allowed to hinder the action of the Central Nucleus. Finally, he invited everyone to welcome the plan of God accepting the presence and the work of the Central Nucleus.

Afterwards, Jesus Himself took up the subject that St. Michael had begun and widened it by explaining all the three extraordinary instruments and the nuclei[2].

St. Michael’s words were strong because God wanted to shake the Church of the Earth drawing the attention ton the realities that are bigger than those of the Earth. The message of 10 September, 2010, marked an important turning point: from that moment on the people of the Earth separated. Some accepted joyfully and gratefully the Central Nucleus and what it is: a great gift of God; they felt in communion with this instrument. Others refused it completely.

The message of St. Michael arrived exactly there were it was supposed to arrive because God has the means to get where He wants despite the hindrances provided by men. In this manner the separation that St. Michael had explained began to take place within the people of the Earth. In fact, God’s instruments, especially the extraordinary ones, are always a sign of contradiction by means of which God reveals the hidden intentions in people’s hearts (Lk 2:25-35). Thus the Central Nucleus became a revealing sign of many things.

The extraordinary instruments also contribute to accelerate the realisation of the plan of God because they receive and carry out very rapidly the divine commands. Therefore, from the moment of the revelation of the existence of the three extraordinary instruments God sped up the times.

The authors of this book are members of the Central Nucleus[3]. They are instruments of God. They have transmitted to you what the One and Triune God has manifested to them in this time for the good of all humanity. Therefore, it was necessary to declare openly that they belonged to the Central Nucleus. They did it according to the will of God to inform you about what they had been shown and which you have a right to know as you are children of God and fully involved in the plan of salvation. All this has cost them sacrifices, misunderstanding, mockery and persecution; that is part of their mission; it is the cross that every instrument of God accepts to carry. But the cross of God’s instruments always bring a new offshoot within the people. Consequently, from the action of the three extraordinary instruments in the whole universe a new people will arise.

At the right time God will reveal the identity of those who belong to the Central Nucleus. He will confirm the existence and the action of the brothers of the universe faithful to God. He will manifest the power and the work of the seven great Archangels and their angelic hosts. All three extraordinary instruments will be fully revealed. If God has not done it until now, it is only to protect His work and to give every one of you the chance to join His plan first and foremost out of faith. Then the signs will come to confirm of those who have believed in their faith. The incredulous, the superficial, the rebellious who are laughing now will not be able to understand the signs. Thus, now is the time to decide.

To welcome with love and gratitude the three extraordinary instruments, lo live in communion with them in prayer is not optional. It is the way towards the future: through them you get in touch with a much greater reality than that of the Earth, that is, with the dimension of the new creation you will all have to enter at the end of times; we can already glimpse it in the universe. We can already see the dawn of the day when Jesus will return to take possession of His people and hand it over to the Father. Try to open your eyes to see the dawn of that day, get out of the deadly sleep which envelopes the Earth! The extraordinary instruments are at work to prepare the children of God to meet Jesus when He comes on His glorious day.

God waited for the Church of the Earth to be ready to announce all the people of the universe the salvation of Jesus Christ. He called her in many ways and will continue to do so; but the Church does not hear or pretends not to hear. The extraordinary instruments carry out what the Church of the Earth should have done. All those who are called by God are united around these instruments, including the Earth, to make one people out of many peoples, that is, His people.

I say to all of you and especially to the Church that the plan of God will not stop. Everything will be recapitulated in Christ because it is written:

“Therefore God exalted him to the highest place
and gave him the name that is above every name,
that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,
in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord,
to the glory of God the Father.”

(Phil 2:9-11)

The time has come in which these words come true, and every man who lives in the universe shall know that he is a child of God through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. Nothing may ever prevent this from happening because God has so decided.

Usually the listeners ask why the Church has not announced this truth. This truth was announced at the beginning of the Church; we will neither judge nor criticise anybody for why she has not announced it in this time. Yet, we have the duty to bear witness of what the Holy Spirit has transmitted to us and what we have experienced. I will try to help you understand St. Paul’s words in his letter to the Colossians, chapter 1: “The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him.  He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.”[4] Then he speaks about the reconciliation of the whole universe and about the Church and he says: “And he is the head of the body, the church,“[5] He is the source of new life, He is the first resuscitated from the dead. He must always be given the first place in everything by all believers and the structure of the Church; from the first to the last they have to kneel before God, before Jesus and recognise Him as Lord. There is no-one, no institution that is above Jesus Christ.

By the way, in the message of 5 September, 2011, “The instruments of God in this time” Jesus says: “The Central Nucleus The Central Nucleus does not place itself above anyone, nor does it substitute itself to the Church, that is to the people of God, but it is simply called to offer itself to God and to act according to his orders, in order to give vigour, energy and impulse to the life of the whole Church, opening always new spaces for my people’s mission.” It continues: ”The Central Nucleus supports and protects the people of God, but it is not a hierarchical institution, because it lives according to the most pure laws of the Spirit, which do not foresee hierarchies but services. It carries out a service but does not impart orders to anyone, except to the forces of evil who must bend in front of the power that it emanates. Not even does it take orders from any human hierarchy, because it is under my direct authority and I will use it according to my will. Am I not perhaps allowed to do it? Aren’t you calling me Lord? Then let me do what I must do.”

Today’s reading confirms that: “To welcome with love and gratitude the three extraordinary instruments, lo live in communion with them in prayer is not optional.” It is a means and a grace given by God for these times, and God evaluates the times and He considers that the time of the recapitulation in Christ has come, that it is time to accelerate it so that all is recapitulated in Christ. Then it says that, “ It is the way towards the future: through them (the extraordinary instruments) you get in touch with a much greater reality than that of the Earth, that is, with the dimension of the new creation you will have to enter at the end of times; we can already glimpse it in the universe.” So, how should the believers in Jesus Christ behave? Jesus is the same as yesterday and today forever. We do not offer a new doctrine; we simply bear witness to the grace of the acceleration of the plan of God that is awaited by the whole Church; God’s Church is waiting for the recapitulation of the whole universe in Christ. So, how should you behave? There is only one answer: in the same way as all the saints behaved. None of the saints ever expected orders or commands, but they placed themselves openly in front of God, let themselves be touched by the grace of God and continued on their path. The Church as a community followed them. They opened the way because they were in touch with the Holy Spirit, and they entered the light of God. Some have been recognised as saints after thirty years, others after two centuries and others never; however, they have been light for the Church and for the whole humanity.

It has been said that through these instruments you will get in touch with the reality that goes beyond the reality of the Earth, but in which manner? You can achieve it only by being open to the Spirit of God: the action of the extraordinary instruments moves within the spirit and the Spirit of God, if you are open, will communicate with your spirit so that you will understand, discern, the times and you will receive all the graces to carry on.

Exactly eight years have passed since we began to preach to you. The times have sped up; the people of God who feel that call cannot wait any longer because the times become ever faster. The evangelisation of the low universe is taking place in spirit, always with the power of the Holy Spirit; but the open announcement will also take place, the open evangelisation. The Earth will be alone, closed in on itself with all its suffering, if it does not enter into communion with the universal Church to give testimony in spirit, by living worthily according to the will of God and emanating the light of faith to the brother and sisters who are in the darkness and who do not know Jesus Christ. It is very important to know that the holy people of God, with their intuition and faith in different eras, have woken up the whole Church – we mean the Church of God, the Church that is ready to welcome the plans of God. Now it is more difficult because there are contrasts caused by infiltration of enemies of Christ also in the Roman Curia, everywhere in the Church. We are not saying all this to judge but to look at things with open eyes and to make them known, since all things will come to the surface and we will see them exactly the way they are.

Therefore, I suggest that after this episode you think about it; this new people who respond to the impulses of the Holy Spirit and who join the extraordinary instruments may get together more and more not only in spirit but actively and with determination; may the rest of the people accept the plan of God and take action rapidly. We will speak about this later on; however, you too have to reflect on that because it is foreseen that in the whole universe and on Earth new nuclei will form and join the spirit of the Central Nucleus; they will join the Church and the new people in the whole universe to form one new family in the whole universe who will persist in the new creation.

We accompany you with our prayer and we bless you; may your hearts be enlightened by the Holy Spirit and be in peace; may you be confident in these times because Jesus Christ is the Lord and He carries forward and accelerates the fulfilment of His promises. I bless you; may you have the courage to distance yourselves from the corrupt spirit who destroys you, to unite with the people who desire to be immaculate as Mary Most Holy is; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


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[3] Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić have declared openly many times to belong to the Central Nucleus. You may find more about this subject in their books and on the website; we signal particularly the document with the title “Our Testimony“ of 11 April, 2013 published on the same website.

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