Living in Christ to Rewrite History

Interview with Father Tomislav Vlašić and Stefania Caterina by some young members of the “Foundation Fortress of the Immaculate”


16 September 2015

Luca: Special edition of Rewrite the History. Today we will interview Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić, two members of the Central Nucleus[1].

Marcella: The Central Nucleus is one of the three instruments foreseen by God for these times[2] to help mankind its path towards Jesus and the new creation.

We warmly welcome you and thank you very much for joining us today. It is a great pleasure for us to have you here and to have the opportunity to speak to you. The first question we would like to ask you is this:  for quite some time we have been following your website Towards the New Creation[3], we have read all your books and the program that you propose is of great importance for us because it is about the recapitulation of all things in Christ and the offering of one’s life to Jesus through Mary. How can a young person live this?

Father Tomislav:  I thank you for this meeting; we will realise it all together. At the beginning of our talk I would like to give some explanation about what we mean when we speak about the extraordinary instruments and when we speak about the Central Nucleus, that is, when our representation in the Central Nucleus is meant. We have to be careful: this program of God in this time is immense; it is already contained in the first coming of Jesus Christ but now there is a powerful dynamic in the whole universe which moves fast. Why are there these instruments? They are instruments of God, instruments of God’s love for humanity. In the same way as God entered history extensively to take His people, individuals and saints, in the same way God has come down in the middle of mankind to take it to the new creation. So the mystery of the extraordinary instruments remains such because they lead to God who is mystery. At the same time in this time the mystery becomes visible, it reveals itself as light. Therefore, we two are the same as you all and we are on the same path; we have the task to reveal the part that has been entrusted to us, to pass on to humanity a part of this great programme which is meant for the whole universe. Look, also the scientists struggle to find what is in our galaxy, and yet there are thousands and thousands of galaxies in the immense universe; we attest that God leads this universe perfectly and wants to lead it to the new creation.

So, how can you as young people keep going on this path? In the way that we have mentioned and that the heavenly Father told us when He said that He is the perfect Love. Every one – the young in particular because they take important decisions for their life – is called to meet that love because, according to the Father, who enters into relationship with that love will not remain the same but will be changed and transformed[4]. And this is the potential that the youth gains because all ideals, all creativity, expectations and perspectives of the youth will unfold while walking on the path. This is my response.

Stefania Caterina: I thank you, too. I am very happy to be here with you and I would like to add only one thing to what Tomislav has said: the love that we meet in God is actually already present inside us. Within the spirit of each one of us there is the spark of the life of God that keeps us alive, gives us intelligence, strength and love. So, when this love that is within us screams and wishes to meet with the love outside of us, life is born, life blossoms, because we have already everything inside us. We are predisposed to love God and to love our neighbour in God. Therefore, what I would like to say to the young is: never suffocate that spark inside you, which love that God has placed in you, which is unique in each one of you and yet so powerful that it can open up all ways. If you are able to put this love of God in touch with the force that God gives you from outside, then God will act inside and outside of you; in the moment when they meet you become alive, mature and free persons. The love of God leads you always to true freedom.

Father Tomislav: There is another important aspect we have to consider because there is not only this Love. There is, in fact, a deceiving kind of love that carries one away; yet, that is not love as it draws the young person back to himself, to close in on himself, even when he joins others in a political party or a group he keeps searching himself. That is a terrible side of today’s society. So, a young person who wants to meet that Love needs to be disciplined, in the way a scientist is disciplined, and begin his journey to get to know that Love. That Love is God Himself who we meet every day as we carry on on our path; that inner space grows and we can touch it. For this reason St. John the apostle said that he had touched the Verb of God[5].

Cristina: The second question we would like to ask you is this: as we look at the situation of the Earth and also of the youth that are around us, we notice that the youth are unhappy, depressed, and that there is death, disease, discouragement in the whole world. How can the young experience the life in these dark times, in these times that are so negative?

Stefania Caterina: While you were speaking I remembered the words of a psalm that says: “How can a young person stay on the path of purity?  By living according to your word”[6], and by taking care of the life that God has put in us. I repeat that you have all inside yourselves, everything is ready for you. He has put life in front of you; however, there is also an enemy, who works to put death in front of you and that enemy is Lucifer; he is not an idea or a concept, he is reality; a reality as strong as the Good. God is Good and Lucifer is Evil, and these two realities oppose each other. So, what should you do? Exactly, what we all should do: to decide for God with determination as He is Good. That is the first thing. Once you have decided for God in total liberty and with your complete determination, God will defend you from this world. You will clash with evil and corruption, which exist in any case, and this great battle will last until the end of times; however, you will be protected and God will give you all the light to carry on on the path of light towards the truth. God never abandons those who turn to Him, especially you, the young, who have great strength, enthusiasm and love for life; you prepare the future of humanity.

Father Tomislav: It is also important to consider the evil that moves around the young. First of all, it reminds us to take responsibility of the sin of humanity, and that is part of the love of God that has to blossom within us. No mature life can blossom within us if we do not commit ourselves to work, and if we do not take responsibility. Take the example of a couple in which the father takes no responsibility for his child, for his wife, for his work; he is rebellious, angry and unbearable. Therefore, we have to recognise the context in which we live as part of our mission and our responsibility. As Stefania said, if you choose God and His love, you possess His omnipotence and you can win. Unfortunately, people remain passive towards faith, as if salvation came from one’s own father, without working, without studying, without commitment. One of the mysteries of evil is connected to our freedom. Exactly through our freedom our love may grow and produce children of God by doing good and promoting and building a new society, because the final destiny of the children of God is to collaborate with God in the new creation, to be committed to the new creation beside God and inserted in the communion with God. These are the incredible things we will see when we enter this field. A young person finds all the pleasures that he cannot find anywhere else because there is nothing that can fulfil the deep, nostalgic, desires of the man who lost his relationship with God after original sin. So, take courage, choose that way and go straight ahead.

Luca: Recently we have created a channel on Youtube which is called “Rewrite the History” in honour of the two volumes you have written “Riscrivere la storia – Nel pensiero di Dio”[7] and “Rewriting History – The Universe and its Inhabitants”[8]. How can we rewrite the history of our humanity?

Father Tomislav: First of all, it means that we have to reunite oneself with the love of God. The problem that the youth of all times have, and especially nowadays, is that they are ready to take in information from outside, to live exterior pleasures, to aspire at success offered by someone from outside; however, life develops like every seed and every bud from inside. In man the centre, the bud, is the spirit. Nowadays people do not know what the spirit within us is. In the spirit of man lies the life of God; therefore, to raise that bud, that life of God, means to develop one’s originality. By developing one’s originality and transforming into a child of God and participating in the life of God you are able to change others, because it is God that changes that potential in you. We have underlined a citation of Judas who asks Jesus a question: “But, Lord, why do you intend to show yourself to us and not to the world?”[9] It is God who works in a young person, not the other way round. The young person offers God all his potential so that God may develop all His creativity in him. Let us look at the example of the Immaculate Virgin or of the great saints; this is the direction we have to take by developing our own life that is a microcosm; what happens in the cosmos happens as well in the microcosm.

Stefania Caterina: We have chosen the title Rewriting history because this is exactly what we have been shown, which is that God wants to rewrite the history of humanity together with a new people, together with His people. So, I would like to ask you – as I think that you are not blind – who writes history here on Earth? Do you think that history is written by free men, honest men, and men who care about the wellbeing of humanity, or not? I think the answer is pretty obvious. Therefore, in this sense God is calling us to rewrite history, to rewrite the history of humanity beginning from living relationship with God, as Tomislav has just explained, but also through a living relationship between us in God. The new humanity arises when two men meet in God, when they meet in the love that generates and regenerates. Then the new humanity is born who will write a totally different history.  We will also speak about the faithful humanities of other planets who have kept their total faithfulness to God. Their history is completely different from ours. Certainly, we are in a very difficult situation because the corrupt system has taken possession of the Earth, it is useless to deny it. What we are suggesting is not an easy walk; we propose a battle, but we are not fighting this battle alone. It is a battle that leads us to true freedom, which is not doing what we want and what we like doing even at the cost of destroying our life; it is being aware of what we are, where we are going and what we want, wishing to achieve it together with a love that is greater than ourselves and which can take us towards the absolute realisation of our goals which are holy, true and honest ones. I do not think that Rewriting History is such an abstract title. It is our pathway; we walk towards it until God puts an end to history as it is now and leads us to a new kind of history in the new creation. When God returns, when He inaugurates His Kingdom, we will live different history; however, now we are already committed to rewriting it.

Father Tomislav: The situation is in front of your eyes; certain men change history, hide the truth, falsify history; they falsify history because they aim at suffocating life and the freedom of men; and you know very well that free men are bombs for every regime. Regimes want no free men, no honest men; they prefer the arrogant and the rebellious. However, there are productive men who change history, and these men actually rewrite history. A very important problem that you have to take into consideration is that the history of man is all contained in the soul of man himself, all the memory of history is in man. Look at how it is suffocated. The humans who have remained faithful remember the creation of the universe very well; they remember the path of their life very well; look at how difficult it is on Earth to discover new things, to do research, and when it does not correspond to politics or an ideology, all will be distorted.  Now we watch how IS destroys everything; yet, these men are not the only ones destroying everything; the regimes that passed along history also destroyed everything. Know that even democracy can destroy everything, a false democracy that allows limitless egoism without leading to the change and transformation of the people. Only the children of God who let themselves be transformed into the image of God are able to rewrite history.

Marcella: You have mentioned life in the universe and you have explained in your books that you have experienced it. We believe in life in the universe and we know about the division of the universes. We wonder about the youth of other planets, especially of the high universe; how do they live; I mean, what are their experiences …?

Stefania Caterina: Yes, the youth in the high universe, I should say the children, reach that fullness very early; I mean that awareness we have spoken about. A child on a planet of the high universe is born with certain very specific gifts, which we call extraordinary gifts, but for them they are actually not extraordinary but ordinary. I am talking about locutions and a living contact with God. Do not forget that the planets in the high universe see Jesus Christ; they see Him in person. Thus, you understand that they live in a totally different situation. Therefore, a child grows up with the awareness that God exists, that He is the Father, that they are all brothers and sisters, that there is a goal to achieve which is the same for the whole humanity of the planet and which is: love, peace, benevolence, brotherhood, all that really comes from God. Thus, a child of a faithful planet of nine or ten years old is already clear about its identity and mission and knows what it will do. Hence, it will put all its energy and its abilities at the disposal of this mission in order to grow and do what God has decided for it. The child will be entrusted to the elderly of the planet who have more experience, who will help the young to increasingly awaken inside and to awaken all the knowledge that is already given inside the person until the young individual reaches maturity and God places a partner beside him/her; however, that partner is not chosen in the way it happens on Earth on the basis of passion, instinct or sexual attraction, but according to the marvellous plan of God that  joins individuals  according to their originality, their mission, their ability to love and their way to love; here the great joint mission of man and woman who carry out a mission together as fathers and mothers of the whole humanity; therefore, you will see for example a doctor and a woman doctor as partners or husband and wife, whatever we want to call them, they work on the same project in unison, in perfect communion towards the realisation of a large amount of good. Actually, that is how the union between man and woman should be also on Earth in the way God thought it from the beginning. Yet, unfortunately, original sin has deviated and stained it as the consequence of another intervention of evil, of Lucifer, of the infernal forces which are increasingly corrupting the union between man and woman taking it to an ever lower level.

Father Tomislav: I would like to add particularly the role of the parents. The parents on the planets of the high universe, or, the parents faithful to God, consecrate their life to Mary Most Holy at the moment of conception and even before, especially by the woman, and transmit the Trinitarian life in the moment of conception, and during the whole pregnancy they transmit the life of the One and Triune God. The parents understand very well the originality of their children and form a so-called triangle with their children. They develop unique relationships with each child, in this way they transmit the light of the Holy Trinity. It is difficult for us to understand this, and yet it is good for us to have a little insight because then it may be easier for us to understand Jesus’ teachings. Moreover, those children are embraced by society; the whole society lives in the same spirit. They wonder how we can live in our society, and they consider us heroes, saints, as we manage to bear all this. As far as we are concerned, we can see what is awaiting us because these brothers and sisters faithful to God are, so to say, the antechamber of the new creation and they really help us very much. We are really very, very sorry that there is no one in the Church and in society who would speak about the faithful humanities to God. Not only they do not speak about this truth, they hide it because they fear these men; however, they do not fear that they could harm us, but they fear the good because the relationship with these humanities will change the humanity of Earth to the better; you know that the ones who govern the Earth are the lobbies and the secret societies, etc., which would never give up their power. You may recognise how powerful evil is on Earth; those who want to be saint and righteous and are ready to leave behind everything to follow this path, be light and open the way through these structures that suffocate life cannot live here.

Cristina: I would like to return to what you have said before when you spoke about how the union between man and woman on Earth has been stained and corrupted by sin certainly by the anger of Lucifer towards God and all the faithful to God. How can a young person create a holy union, a pure union, a union that is truly in God, as it is difficult for us? How can we do this?

Stefania Caterina: Unfortunately there are no recipes for this as it is very difficult on Earth to realise this; yet, nothing is impossible to God, that is, if a young man and a young woman truly offer themselves to the Lord and ask to be guided in their union, God will not fail to lead this couple towards the realisation of His plans. The situation on Earth is certainly more difficult because the couple is exposed to a lot of external influence. It does not depend only on the persons but on a spirit that is causing the union of man and woman on Earth to degenerate; therefore, firm will is needed by both of them to keep going straight on the path they have chosen to go.  Therefore, there is no need to worry; on the other hand, one should not think that this is a fairy-tale. This is a decision that has to be renewed day by day when you choose life, when a boy and a girl choose to serve life and to generate life in God.  If we return to the experience of the faithful humanities, even the procreation of children is not egoistical as it is on Earth, where a man and a woman want a child for themselves; they want a girl, then they want a boy such as I like this, I like that. On the faithful planets the humanities generate children of God and consciously generate children for God to provide offspring that will serve God‘s love. All this sounds strange to us, but this is how it should be.

Father Tomislav:  In these days we have the example of the book of Tobit, Tobit and Sarah, which shows us how a true marriage must be rooted in the laws of the pure Spirit, that is, in God. This ensures a couple a good life. If you read that book, you will notice that God lead those individuals through trials until they finally met. In my opinion the problem today is that the youth are pushed by society to choose the partner themselves instead of searching the will of God, the project of God; they create dependence from their girlfriend or boyfriend out of their needs to satisfy the lower needs, so to say. By creating such dependence after five, ten years of engagement they reach the point in which they ultimately choose mutual dependence. It is useless to prepare them for the sacrament of marriage because one cannot touch them anymore; they have made their final choice. Then, the words of the priest sound odd. No more choices can be made. Be careful, you cannot take a decision when you are not mature for it. You see, to live a dignified life in the Church it is necessary to do a path, to get to understand and to make a choice.  Today society is destructive. All is done to satisfy the instincts and the subjective choices. It is very difficult. Therefore, my suggestion to the youth of today is: live God and the love of God and God will lead you towards the right person if you are designed to have children. But today’s society as it is, with all it does including evil, cannot be overcome if there are no heroes who leave all behind to live for God’s love, even the family, to dedicate themselves to all the children of God, the stragglers, the lost, the unloved and the misunderstood. That is the work of Jesus Christ and He was the first to serve the weak until the new creation will be reached.

Stefania Caterina: I would like to add something to this point. You see that there is much talk about love today; the use of this word is ever-increasing. I prefer using the expression “to care for” because it means exactly this, to care for one another. When two selfish individuals get together, each one will suck from the other what he needs to realise himself, to be satisfied, etc. Those who love in God act in the opposite manner: they offer themselves totally to God for the good of the other and vice versa. And what does this produce? It produces mutual transformation, a path towards good, and, if you like, an ongoing evolution of our being towards something new and different. Man and woman grow together and become the creatures God has foreseen. In this manner they generate life and give life to God, their own life, the life of the spouse, the life of the children and grandchildren and so on.  This is strongly highlighted in the Bible – the children, the children of the children – for the blessing that is handed over and that heals the generations. Therefore, I tell you, watch out and do not let yourselves be deceived by fatality and physical attraction. If you really love a person, you must be ready even to mount the cross for that person as Jesus did for us; to be ready to change, to soften the corners, to help the other to change; together you must change in God because none of us will remain the same once we meet God’s love. Those who remain always the same and do not grow are no Christians, because Jesus Christ will not leave us in peace, in a positive sense; every day He asks us to do a step ahead.

Padre Tomislav: Look, as Stefania said, love is a wonderful reality but we find it only in God, in that divine love, in the spark within us. When love is reduced to a low level, it is a deadly trap; it is extremely dangerous because when we talk about love that causes flowers to bloom and then be burnt under the heat of the sun.

So, you understand that God’s love contains everything, all that the soul of a man or a woman needs; yet, it is not a selfish love.

Marcella: How can we live the times awaiting us, the future events.

Father Tomislav: There are two aspects: the first aspect is how to live it inside us, and I would like to remind you of the central theme we have always explained: the offering of our life to God through Mary Immaculate who leads us to Jesus and to be recapitulated in Jesus. The Trinitarian power, the power of the One and Triune God, which is His omnipotence, acts through Jesus.  In the moment when we welcome His omnipotence, all evil will bend. God holds all; He holds the whole universe. The second is the exterior aspect in which we are open to the extraordinary instruments. The faithful brothers and sisters and the angels want to help us; however, if we do not invoke them, if we do not desire their help, if we do not desire the spirit and the life that brings us ever closer to God but try to exploit them in the way esoteric does, then they will not come to us as they do not want to be manipulated.  One thing is certain; God rapidly carries on making use of these instruments. If man remains closed, he will find himself before a tsunami of grace flowing towards those who are open for the grace. Lucifer and his followers will be swept away; Lucifer is destined to disappear in the cosmic nullity[10]. This positive outlook and our commitment to build small groups (nuclei)[11], to live this kind of life with the partner in these times, all things will quickly become more positive, and then God will see that the new people are open, and He will speed up the times; if the people are ready to welcome the graces and collaborate with them, they will push the events, and the events that are ahead of us will take place. Believe me, we are close to the events that will shake all believers; they will make the masks fall of the false gods and of the people who say they believe in Jesus Christ but are actually wearing masks which do not represent Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Those graces will destabilize all systems and all that has blurred reality. Hence, all events will occur on this line. In the end no one will be able to oppose God. The extraordinary instruments will manifest themselves, and the faithful brothers and sisters, too. Yet, for many it will be too late because everything has to come to an end. God will no longer allow that His children are corrupted by corrupt men.

Stefania Caterina: I would like to add a word to all this to prevent misunderstanding: we are no preachers of the end of the world; we are not preaching that this is going to happen soon, nor are we making Mayan prophecies or anything like that; however, what we are explaining is that the history of humanity in the whole universe is progressing continuously, and what the people do not understand is that history is a dynamic reality, it is not static. God leads us towards good, by means of the recapitulation in Christ, through Christ in God the Father of the whole reality as it has been created. We do not know what these events will be, when they will take place, what will happen. Jesus was clear about it: “It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority”[12], that is in the thought of God; yet, we know that these events will take place, as Tomislav said; they will shake us and will prevent us from continuing to live in this extremely serious situation of danger in which the Earth is. First and foremost, God will not allow Lucifer to lead humanity to the abyss, as he is doing now, and to blemish the image of God in man. In the same way as God has created us in His image and likeness Lucifer is trying to transform us into his image and likeness, but we say that this will not be, this will not happen. Lucifer and his friends shall calm down – we will go towards good; we have chosen good. What do we have to do to participate in the events? We have to decide on which side we want to fight our battle, this is the moment to decide! There are no great theories, there are no recipes, nor are there any predictions for the future: there is only one decision to take now before it is too late. Why? Because when the events begin to take place, there will be great confusion on Earth; you can already notice it; people and the whole society will be confused. If we have not made our choice we will also be confused, but we do not want to be confused; we want to see clear because we are children of the light, we are no children of the dark. Therefore, if we choose God sincerely and with simplicity, “Lord, I love you, I want to participate to your life, I want to fight in your army”, God will take us, every one according to his possibilities. One will be in the trench, the other will be behind the lines, but we will all fight the same battle. This is the moment to decide, and then God will do what he has to do, but I repeat that He will only do good for His children and never evil.

Luca:  we thank you for the time you have shared with us. I hope that we too will be able to live the points you have shown us and bear witness of the life we have received from you to many young people.

Stefania Caterina: We thank you, too, and we say: full speeds ahead, do not give up!

Father Tomislav: We do not just tell you words; we offer our life for you until death so that the life of God manifests itself in you. And we bring along the immense people of the universe that collaborates with us; we bring along all the prayers of Mary Most Holy, of the saints and of the whole Mystical Body of Christ; we bring along a people of the Earth that is united and you who have made this interview.

I bless you with the force of the whole Mystical Body of Christ who offers itself on the altar every day many times; may the love of God touch your souls, enlighten your minds, give you strength and courage, widen your horizon so that you see the universe as a reality close to us; may all the promises Jesus has given be alive in you and may you be certain that they will come true; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


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