“How to draw on the Trinitarian Power”


By Stefania Caterina and Fr Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters, happy Sunday to all of you. This is the third Sunday of Easter and we continue our path with the Risen Christ who leads us to the elevation of Pentecost, to His ascension to the Father. This is the framework of our path within which we may understand the Holy Scriptures of today’s Holy Mass.[1]

The last time we spoke about the participation in the Trinitarian power. Today the title is “How to draw on the Trinitarian power”. Everyone wants to participate in it, even satanist, esoteric people, etc., all those who practice certain exercises without drawing on the Trinitarian power.

Today we have read the readings which are often referred to. They are presented like perfect catechism, but we are not called to participate in some catechism but in the event of the resurrection. When we read the event the apostles experienced, we are able to participate in it. If we do not participate in the event of the resurrection of Christ, we will have no benefit from catechism. Only through the vital, inner participation in the resurrection of Christ will we lead others to encounter the Risen Christ. Continue reading

The Power of the Trinitarian Vortex

Easter Vigil – Message of Jesus

20 April 2019

“Dearest Children,

I bless you with the power of My Resurrection which is neither a fairytale for children, nor a beautiful image, but an incontestable reality, vibrating in the whole universe. Through My Resurrection I not only completed the work of redemption but also bestowed the Trinitarian vortex with the power that renders it invincible. My Resurrection is, in fact, the clear victory over death, which rules in the satanic vortex. Death can do nothing against the power of My Resurrection.

Children, you have reached this time with Me, and you have gone through many trials. Now the time begins in which the power of the resurrection must manifest itself through you. It will appear through My people so that all I have accomplished will continue to be revealed to the world through them. My work of redemption is not finished yet but will continue until the end of times through My people in the whole universe.

I expect you to become aware of the power that acts in you and among you. You have participated in My death and now you must also participate in My Resurrection. Begin to draw power from the Trinitarian vortex, which is the power of My Resurrection. It touches you continuously, and it touches the whole creation; through you it involves all creatures and the whole Earth. This is the true evangelisation of the Earth, which you cannot accomplish without drawing on this power. This means that you must empty yourselves completely from your doubts and fears, your ideas and personal projects. Continue reading

Happy Easter

Dearest Friends,

The Triduum that awaits us is the greatest mystery of our life; it is a mystery of love that wants to reveal itself to every man of good will who opens his heart and seeks the truth.

Let us enter into this time with a contemplative attitude, and let us be led by the Holy Spirit to worship the Love of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit who created, redeemed and sanctified us through Love.

Happy Easter

“Lord, I seek your face”

16 March 2019

By Stefania Caterina and Fr Tomislav Vlašić


Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; we have already begun Lent with the first Sunday in which we have reflected on the aspect that we expect trials to happen for our growth, our mission and our elevation because trials help our elevation.

The topic of today’s reflection is “We seek your face, Lord”. Right at the beginning I want to underline that we cannot seek the face of the Lord when we are still and motionless. To seek the Lord, to seek His face, means to walk our path, be committed, take responsibility and participate in the elevation that the Lord brings about as He attracts us with His face.

In the Liturgy of the second Sunday of Lent[1] we can see how the face of the Lord manifested itself in the history of salvation: God is God; His face has always been bent over us, but the fallen humanity that moved away from Him has not perceived His face. In the first reading we are told Abraham’s experience of faith; he welcomes the presence of God and His face, and in the alliance with him God leaves a sign for his faith. Continue reading

I Generate You as I Am Your Mother

Solemnity of Mary Most Holy, Mother of God – 1 January, 2019

Message of Our Lady

“Dearest Children,

I wish you Happy New Year; a year filled with God and His peace. Children, the beginning of a new year is like a big, white page on which God will, once again, write your history and the history of the humanity of Earth. It is My wish that My children enter more and more into the depth of the Christian path in this year.

I am your Mother and I continuously generate you, and I still have to generate many children. This is My task: to carry many children in My Heart to generate them for God. I have always done this, and I will always do it until the end of times.

St. Michael will guide all the peoples that I have gathered in My womb. St. Michael will take all the peoples that I have generated with My love to My Son; however, it is Me who generates you as I am your Mother. I ask you to allow Me to generate you.

Children, there is more and more uproar, internal and external noise and great confusion in the world. In the midst of all this, the people of God must shine and enter more and more into divine silence. It is in the silence that God creates your life. I am not saying that you must not speak, on the contrary, you have to continue to announce salvation but not with the noise of the world, great works or great proclamations, but with the words that come out of the fullness of your heart, from a spirit that is always pure and always new. Continue reading

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

This year is about to end; for us it has been rich in content, graces and experiences. In the coming new year we will continue to be guided in the newness of these times.

God expects us to go through an inner change which will transform our live so that it manifests itself to the world. Then, God will influence the people and the events also through us in the way Jesus affirms in His message of 8 December of this year which we are sharing with you below.

We wish you a Blessed Christmas, filled with the grace that may awaken you, raise you and make you participate fully in the things God will do in His goodness.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019

Message of Jesus of 8 December, 2018

Your “Yes” Must Be a True “Yes”

 “My dear Children,

I great and bless you. Today I want to tell you that your preparation is finished. That does not mean that nothing will be told to you anymore; you will always receive all you need. I mean that now it is time for you to live inwardly all that you have received in order to transmit it to others. I expect this people to bear, fruit, for this vineyard has been worked intensively and now I am waiting for its fruit. The fruit is always the life within you. Communicating life is the only evangelisation I desire. Continue reading

Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 December, 2018, to Stefania Caterina

“My Dear Children,

WITH THIS MESSAGE I CONCLUDE MY CONVERSATION WITH YOU. It is time for you to walk on your own after the many words I have addressed to you over time. I have always spoken to you and in many ways, trying to remind you that God is the centre of your life and of the whole history. Through My apparitions in many places of the Earth I have shown you My face and I have held out My hand to you. Now I withdraw and return to the Most Holy Trinity in whom I live and from where I have come to intercede as Mother for all My children.

Time is getting short, children, as My Son is about to return in His glory. He will manifest Himself to the whole universe and no one will be able to say anymore that God does not exist. Everyone will see Him but not everyone will welcome Him. He will separate the children of light from the children of darkness. Only the Father knows when this will take place, but you can already sense that times are changing.

Lucifer’s action becomes stronger day by day. The Antichrist and the False Prophet are endeavouring to seduce humanity and drag it, through violence and deception, towards the abyss. Man and nature are alarmed, and this will become even worse. In vain people will seek help from scientists, theologians and magicians, for salvation only comes from the Most Holy Trinity through My Son, Jesus Christ.

Only Jesus is the Saviour; by refusing Him, you refuse salvation. Children, I want to remind you of the essence of Christian life, that is, of the faith in Jesus Christ, Son of God, who was born, died, resurrected and ascended to Heaven where He sits at the right hand of the Father. Jesus is High Priest and King of the Universe. Before Him all will have to bow their heads, whether they like it or not.1 Continue reading

Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 November, 2018, to Stefania Caterina

“My Dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that LIFE IN GOD KNOWS NO DEATH. You are used to considering death as the end of all hope; an insurmountable limit beyond which everything disappears: pain, joy, our loved ones, etc. For some people death is a liberation, for others a punishment. Some believe in afterlife, others do not believe in anything, even among the Christians. How much confusion and fear is there around death!

So, what is death? It is the end of the experience in your body and the beginning of life in spirit. Your life continues in a different dimension where matter is no longer an obstacle for you.

If you believe in the Most Holy Trinity and you have decided to follow My Son, Jesus, you will understand what death is. Children, life in the body cannot be eternal because after original sin matter, of which your body is made, became corrupt, and thus deteriorates day by day. Therefore, you grow old and die. Death is the most serious consequence of original sin; it made you weak and corrupt and exposed you to the action of Evil. Lucifer and his demons have always exploited your fear of death. They lead you to believe that death is willed by God and that your Creator is not a loving Father but a merciless Judge.

No, children, death does not come from God but from the choice of your humanity. At the beginning of creation your progenitors refused God, preferring Lucifer ‘s empty promises. Once detached from the source of life, which is God, they encountered corruption and death. Continue reading

“The Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

with this document we proclaim the existence and the mission of

“The Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”


Over the past few years, through books, writings and preaching, we have communicated to you what has been revealed to us by God and His instruments. It is the great divine plan of salvation of the whole universe. On this website[1] you may find all you need to understand what we are speaking about. This will be only a summary of some fundamental points which are the basis of the path and the mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of the universe.

This is a summary of what has been revealed to us: Continue reading

Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 May 2017 to Stefania Caterina

“My Dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that GOD CONSOLES AND HEALS. He comforts you in your tribulations and knows all your sorrows. He knows how you are made; He knows you better than you could ever know yourselves. He penetrates with His wisdom the truth of your being and of your living. Nothing of you is hidden to His eyes, and He looks at you with immense tenderness.

The Holy Spirit, who is the Consoler, acts within you. His consolation is nothing emotional or sentimental, but love, strength and wisdom through which you can overcome any difficult situation and turn the page of your life.

God does not want you to suffer, but He permits it because suffering teaches you many things and sometimes straightens your wrong paths. Hardship forces you to kneel down and seek God. When you seek God, He will respond promptly and open up new paths for you that you did not know before. Therefore, children of mine, seek God every time you are in distress and do not grumble but rather have faith. Entrust yourselves to Jesus and He will send you the Consoler, the Holy Spirit, and together they will lead you to the Father who is the source of life and peace. You need the peace of God, children, because there is no peace in the world you live in, and many of your sufferings are caused by the world’s unrest. Always remember that the peace of God is your greatest consolation.

I am always with you and I pray for you. I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”