Towards the New Creation

by Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 December, 2018, to Stefania Caterina

“My dear Children,

WITH THIS MESSAGE I CONCLUDE MY CONVERSATION WITH YOU. It is time for you to walk with your own legs, after the many words I have addressed to you over time. I have always spoken to you and I did in many ways, trying to remind you that God is the centre of your life and of the whole history. Through My apparitions in many places of the Earth I have shown you My face and I have held out My hand to you. Now I withdraw and return to the Most Holy Trinity in whom I live and from where I have come to intercede as Mother for all My children.

Time is getting short, children, as My Son is about to come back in His glory. He will manifest Himself to the whole universe and no one will be able to say that God does not exist. Everyone will see Him but not all will welcome Him. He will separate the children of the Light from the children of the darkness. Only the Father knows when this occurs but you can already sense that times are changing.

Lucifer’s action is strengthening day by day. The Antichrist and the False Prophet are at work to seduce humanity and drag it, through violence and deception, towards the abyss. Man and nature are more and more distressed. In vane people seek the help of scientists, theologians and magicians, for salvation only comes from the Most Holy Trinity through My Son, Jesus Christ. Continue reading

Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 November, 2018, to Stefania Caterina

 “My dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that LIFE IN GOD KNOWS NO DEATH. You are used to considering death as the end of all hope; an insurmountable limit beyond which everything disappears: pain, joy, our loved ones, etc. For some death is a liberation, for others a punishment. Some believe in afterlife, others do not believe in anything, even many Christians. How much confusion and fear is there around death!

So, does death exist? It is the end of the experience in your body and the beginning of life in spirit. Your life continues in a different dimension where matter is no longer an obstacle for you. Continue reading

“The Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

with this document we proclaim the existence and the mission of

“The Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”


Over the past few years, through books, writings and preaching, we have communicated to you what has been revealed to us by God and His instruments. It is the great divine plan of salvation of the whole universe. On this website[1] you may find all you need to understand what we are speaking about. This will be only a summary of some fundamental points which are the basis of the path and the mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of the universe.

This is a summary of what has been revealed to us: Continue reading

Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 May 2017 to Stefania Caterina

My Dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that GOD CONSOLES AND HEALS. He comforts you in your tribulations and knows all your pain. He knows how you are made; He knows you better than you could ever know yourselves. He penetrates with His wisdom the truth of your being and of your living. Nothing of you is hidden to His eyes, and He looks at you with immense tenderness.

The Holy Spirit, who is the Consoler, acts within you. His consolation is nothing emotional or sweetish, but love, strength and wisdom through which you can get out of any difficult situation and turn the page in your life.

God does not want you to suffer, but He permits it because pain teaches you many things and sometimes straightens wrong paths. Pain forces you to kneel down and seek God. When you seek Him, God responds promptly and opens up new paths for you that you did not know before. Therefore, children of Mine, seek God in every pain and do not grumble but have faith. Entrust yourselves to Jesus and He will send you the Consoler, the Holy Spirit, and together they will lead you to the Father who is the source of life and peace. You need the peace of God, children, because there is no peace in the world you live in, and many of your sufferings come from the world’s unrest. Always remember that the peace of God is your greatest consolation. Continue reading

Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – Jesus Christ has overcome evil and death / Jesus Christ and Israel

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Dearest brothers and sisters, we will continue to reflect on the figure of Jesus Christ who is the key figure to understanding what happens in the whole universe in this time. To introduce you to this reflection I would like to ask you a question: how many people do you thoroughly know? Very few, why? Perhaps it is because you have no time for them, because you are not interested in them, because you have never listened patiently to them to understand them, because you are not open for each other or because you have not made a path together. Perhaps the dearest people to you, such as your fiancé, are the ones you know the least because you might want to possess each other; you might want to seem persons who have nothing against them in a totally generous way. We can get to know Jesus Christ only if we want to thoroughly recognize and accept Him the way He comes from the Father. Let us listen.

Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants”, page 182:

Continue reading

Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – The disintegrating energy


By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


We will read a passage from the book “The universe and its inhabitants” on page 32:


The disintegrating energy


Even the action of evil produces a vortex which is the satanic vortex. From the satanic vortex flows negative energy as it does not contain life but death; it is the result of the evil deeds of the demons, the damned and the men who serve Lucifer. Every thought and action, both of the spirits and of men, produces certain effects that flow into the universe in the form of physical and spiritual energy. If a thought or action is good and in accordance with the laws of God, it spreads out in the universe in the form of beneficial energy. This energy does not wander in the universe but enters into the Trinitarian vortex where it is enhanced and redistributed in the universe through the perpetual motion of the vortex itself. In this manner the good done by one and all returns to the creatures and produces other good. Vice versa, if a thought or action is evil and contrary to the laws of life, it produces evil energy that gathers in the satanic vortex and flows back to creation through the action of the vortex itself.


In the same way as primary energy pours out of the Trinitarian vortex filling the entire creation and giving it life, the energy pouring out of the satanic vortex brings suffering and death. This energy is disintegrating since its effects are in total contrast to those of the primary energy that comes out of the Trinitarian vortex. The disintegrating energy brings division, the creatures’ detachment from God and alteration of the physical and spiritual laws.


The satanic vortex and the disintegrating energy that derives from it are the consequence of the rebellion of Lucifer and his angels at the beginning of creation. Since then the Trinitarian and the satanic vortex confront each other incessantly. However, unlike the Trinitarian vortex, the satanic vortex is not everywhere active in the same way.


In the low universe, where the action of the demons is strong, the satanic vortex acts at maximum power and the disintegrating energy is very active. It produces dramatic effects on the physical level: for example, it determines the continuous expansion of the universe so that the galaxies are increasingly moving further away from each other; it strongly corrupts matter, determines diseases, and accelerates the aging processes of living organisms and so on. On a spiritual level it generates hatred and rebellion toward God; it causes conflicts and wars among men and increases coldness, arrogance, depravation, etc.

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